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ふつーに雑談スレッドだぜい! パート2!!
1 名前:ジェルゴ ◆ekb/Luig 2011/01/01 00:35 ID:8TU5oMM2

765 名前:mWjtOZNa 2015/10/13 19:24 ID:OSo9grEl YIEVRBfwJ
Keep it coming, wrrseit, this is good stuff.

766 名前:buzi0jRCz 2015/10/13 19:27 ID:xZAF30bk s6nSFhzTqCiO
Last one to utizile this is a rotten egg!

767 名前:ItT0ySzr1S6w 2015/10/13 19:29 ID:3ITG6Mz4 SXHDqM7ZOYxU
Four score and seven minutes ago, I read a sweet artecli. Lol thanks

768 名前:pGjml2ET77O 2015/10/13 19:30 ID:OSo9grEl g1ZhPiPB
This forum needed shinkag up and you've just done that. Great post!

769 名前:xUqW6h35 2015/10/13 19:34 ID:OSo9grEl yOzk8BknPZ
That insight solves the prbmelo. Thanks!

770 名前:4mtkmi2evm 2015/10/13 19:44 ID:OSo9grEl pnrYYrkmgzO9
The genius store caldle, they're running out of you.

771 名前:Pm0iOdE7 2015/10/13 20:01 ID:OSo9grEl Q5IaGo8aGjjG
I secherad a bunch of sites and this was the best.

772 名前:k12y2KcE 2015/10/13 20:09 ID:uwl5M9zj je9uovGGxeR
Gee wilrlkeis, that's such a great post!

773 名前:BLNOB8SlRXC 2015/10/13 20:19 ID:OSo9grEl qM6w9lVtZ9l
You've captured this peytceflr. Thanks for taking the time!

774 名前:6aTtFGM2LhH7 2015/10/13 20:29 ID:0MoPhl1N bPE28Zn34O
Such an imvrpssiee answer! You've beaten us all with that!

775 名前:ibDOkr0h8 2015/10/13 20:53 ID:zBD1JHuy juE78E22HlJr
Big help, big help. And supetlarive news of course.

776 名前:JgCwFsRsO0cz 2015/10/13 20:56 ID:u7irSK7s MqArRzJTkmY
Great arcelti, thank you again for writing.

777 名前:uT3BOhZbsaez 2015/10/13 21:02 ID:qbwSooaN f96wZ6ix3TVa
Aptpernaly this is what the esteemed Willis was talkin' 'bout.

778 名前:UPQadnkKGTL 2016/05/06 10:47 ID:WkYwXi/E bkDVWR9w8qkg
Brlialince for free; your parents must be a sweetheart and a certified genius.

779 名前:sVWFcUSby 2016/05/06 11:38 ID:WkYwXi/E 4FlTKQBsqIC
Posts like this bretghin up my day. Thanks for taking the time.

780 名前:ux83u2C6VPT 2016/05/06 14:54 ID:/33KrMoy ngAzI0KnnQ6
Haaahhha. I'm not too bright today. Great post!

781 名前:2hV6CIkSt 2016/05/06 15:04 ID:iZvXWNF6 DcV8bsMJ6rm
A piece of eritdiuon unlike any other!

782 名前:eRnmow2dinT 2016/05/06 15:11 ID:/33KrMoy imWaAhZs
An answer from an expert! Thanks for cotriibutnng.

783 名前:DzIppYVcItA 2016/05/06 15:11 ID:WkYwXi/E ybvj1zC7gkk
Thanks for the inithgs. It brings light into the dark!

784 名前:xPdR3dkAI 2016/05/06 15:13 ID:/33KrMoy YZQo8hTY
It's spooky how clever some ppl are. Thsank!

785 名前:6RP9uruch 2016/05/06 15:22 ID:iZvXWNF6 BQu0fxwtkY4
This "free sharing" of inrotmafion seems too good to be true. Like communism.

786 名前:dss3pWq2uK 2016/05/06 15:38 ID:iZvXWNF6 gId6hfiA
I liltraley jumped out of my chair and danced after reading this!

787 名前:ocpb2cSy5il 2016/05/06 15:40 ID:/33KrMoy ZgXL69Za93
This is a most useful coiuribttnon to the debate

788 名前:nkxnqOo3DR 2016/05/06 16:08 ID:WkYwXi/E gKRosZOZvNk
You have shed a ray of susihnne into the forum. Thanks!

789 名前:VaHmLCip 2017/03/17 11:53 ID:DSIlMrmL shlRLyaIYqK
Oh, okay, th18#&t2a7;s hot. I didn’t know about that! I was using a seperate script to do the mp3 conversion, then pointing banshee to those mp3s instead of my flacs.How decidedly unproductive of me! Thanks for the tip!

790 名前:UKcJSvU0 2017/03/17 12:20 ID:owdHKozN Ev0CFZX3
Wonderful video! Showing how tradition and normal life come toerrheg.Thete is a time and place for tradition and also for being normal in life.Wonderful Rinpoche!!! Your smile radiates your love out to all of us and warms my heart. Much love.

791 名前:PaI3b8vVzz 2017/03/17 13:02 ID:owdHKozN lCyvw3VMAIr
I'm quite pleased with the inatomfrion in this one. TY!

792 名前:rQjYnMGc8lz 2017/03/17 13:04 ID:DSIlMrmL z98DIXBgq
I am making my very first stitched card. I saw these cards for the first time last week and did not have the opportunity to examine them closely. I am using the metallic thread and one strand looks a bit skimpy to me. Do you use one strand or two. Any advice will be apadceipter. Also the #10 needle seems to leave a hole that is too large for the thread stand.

793 名前:tkHpcD2l6E3O 2017/03/17 13:13 ID:DSIlMrmL IL3OFFnKGI
Hello ” Jamie”, i must say that you are really doing a great job. There is so much need of the photography in so many occasion. But the problem is that there are not so much skilled photographers for capturing the quality photographs. Most of the photographers take this job very lightly that is really diisipopntang. Two or three photographers from ten take this very seriously.

794 名前:DTjpE4ERSPf 2017/03/17 13:14 ID:owdHKozN xAmyr9PTZ
UPDATE:My Blue Serve replacement card arrived today! Activated it within seconds online. Same account number. New activation code and new verification number. Love the new blue design. There’s no other way to say it, than to just say it: “This is a pretty card.” Blue Serve now looks like an American Express product. The White Serve card was a shameful reatseenrption of the company.

795 名前:QXAzi3E5 2017/03/17 13:17 ID:DSIlMrmL GrqWDVja
I have been impressed with your blog presence lately. It#&8217;s much more than I imagined would be possible. Enjoy the three little girls and your time with them.

796 名前:ufW3k6TL 2017/03/17 13:20 ID:owdHKozN N4r9Mp8m6AB
i want a load but i dont have any friends in us or canada thats why i cant receive load, can u send me, free lang naman diba..dis is my no. 09728492900

797 名前:NB3X1RqlWmZv 2017/03/17 13:31 ID:owdHKozN iwa4JDblKz
Wow, those Quebecians really love the Blaze stuff huh? Wonder how Virtual XI did there? I doubt Brc7e̵u;s albums were shifting many units at this point either.

798 名前:ngcLdYURZ 2017/03/17 13:35 ID:owdHKozN r7tdIWJG
I’d allow it and now may need to cancel feels like a let down. It is just so hard to be so disabled so suddenly. I am not handling it like the perfect person I am I appatciree you!!!

799 名前:P02YusyQS 2017/03/17 13:39 ID:DSIlMrmL 1nA4IJvv
surat khabar pun sekarang nie macam dah tak relevant… sebabnya macam sangat dah yang menipunya.. huhuVN:F [1.2a29_1171]ple.se wait...VN:F [1.9.22_1171](from 0 votes)

800 名前:wiPYgoLz 2017/03/17 13:42 ID:owdHKozN 0xpckGn8
What i do not understood is in fact how you are no longer actually a lot more smliaty-lrked than you may be now. You’re so intelligent. You recognize thus considerably on the subject of this subject, made me in my view consider it from a lot of various angles. Its like men and women aren’t fascinated unless it is one thing to accomplish with Woman gaga! Your individual stuffs great. At all times maintain it up!

801 名前:a4NYBTfG8ViN 2017/03/17 13:51 ID:owdHKozN whwX8rSwt
&#ulf0;B8tter22ies in the stomach” is a way of describing those nervous, fluttery feelings you might get . An imaginative writer created the phrase to describe the feeling, and people have been using it ever since.These tummy flutters are normal and happen to many people – even grown-ups. Some people believe having a few butterflies might even help you perform better by keeping you on your toes. Was this answer helpful?

802 名前:ud8ot9nVrH 2017/03/17 17:03 ID:DSIlMrmL Yk0flPeoIM
/ Between me and my husband we’ve owned more MP3 players over the years than I can count, including Sansas, iRivers, iPods (classic & touch), the Ibiza Rhapsody, etc. But, the last few years I’ve settled down to one line of players. Why? Because I was happy to discover how well-designed and fun to use the unrrtappeeciaded (and widely mocked) Zunes are.

803 名前:5GkTYpv0tCy 2017/03/17 17:05 ID:DSIlMrmL RDAaKKNmpw
its abtlulsoy garbage! On tv accounts like ABC or BBC you cant fast forward or rewind! And if you click ahead of the red loaded bar thing the veido stops! Change it back!

804 名前:448CN0z0 2017/03/17 17:06 ID:owdHKozN smynwyBfL
I took a quick look before going to bed. If you’re using ImageMagick 6.2.9 or newer you could try taking a pixel iterator apor.achpLoop trough pixels with pixel iterator, filter out similar colors and take top ten colors. There has to be an easier way thou. I’ll take a look at it tomorrow.

805 名前:dAs5Z2BgHjF 2017/03/17 17:10 ID:DSIlMrmL zCehq3vua
I’m not going to try to make a case for it being okay, but I saw Magic Mike. It’s Channing Ta7#u&m821t;s life story of getting out of that lifestyle and to be honest, it doesn’t make any light of the industry at all. It shows a good bit of the rough and dangerous side of it.

806 名前:wZW31EfLXEY 2017/03/17 17:14 ID:DSIlMrmL Nz1anJDmM
Hi Duts,niGreat blog posting. I recall learning this stuff the hard way, I'm sure your posting will help many. I know I looked high and low for a concise step by step guide for the subject in the past without success. It's good to see that someone has compiled (No pun intended) it all in one article at last.

807 名前:tQqX4T3TIsU 2017/03/17 17:29 ID:DSIlMrmL 9zoAeLU1WZ
"how you compare this sort of character (who seems to be some sort of model 20th century lefty) to Mr Rabbit (a supposed fundy righty) I don't know. "They both hate mooooslims and their so-called enablers and would like to visit violence upon them. Pretty simple really. Anyway, only a retard or someone pushing an agenda could label Breivik anything other than an ultsr-conaervative.

808 名前:B3UaNAePx8 2017/03/17 17:41 ID:owdHKozN i39jUFvyha
I adtalionildy believe that mesothelioma cancer is a uncommon form of cancer malignancy that is usually found in those previously exposed to asbestos. Cancerous cellular material form inside mesothelium, which is a shielding lining which covers most of the body’s body organs. These cells generally form in the lining from the lungs, abdomen, or the sac which actually encircles one’s heart. Thanks for revealing your ideas.

809 名前:prYElspW5 2017/03/17 17:42 ID:DSIlMrmL 1zd3Cf3Uslf
i make 26,000 a year and will not be able to afford the out of pocket 1,300 to 1,400 dollars a year for health inraeuncs, will stay afloat until put in jail, good luck to everyone else, but my days if i stay in this country are numbered, goodbye!

810 名前:Dh0ULINR8d0 2017/03/17 17:45 ID:owdHKozN 50ziwXaW
I am writing to let you be aware of of the remarkable encounter our girl undergone reading your site. She discovered a lot of details, with the inclusion of what it is like to possess an excellent teaching heart to make folks clearly thoroughly grasp several complex things. You actually exceeded our own desires. Thank you for diiibsruttng these interesting, safe, explanatory and also unique thoughts on your topic to Jane.

811 名前:ZEceWsYI 2017/03/17 17:49 ID:DSIlMrmL JlN6laSR9pNo
1. Like many in the UK, I thought that going into Iraq was justified by the evidence presented beforehand - which turned out not to be incorrect.2. The wise man learns from other people's miatkses....the fool doesn't learn from his own mistakes. (John Rudkin)

812 名前:1Z8U9qnUR3 2017/03/17 17:49 ID:DSIlMrmL o2fdBo1h4y
My partner and I absolutely love your blog and find most of your post’s to be exactly I’m looking for. Would you offer guest writers to write content for you personally? I wo;u&nd#8217lt mind writing a post or elaborating on a lot of the subjects you write about here. Again, awesome website!

813 名前:nGq8Zt0Fw2 2017/03/17 17:51 ID:DSIlMrmL nGLns56l
a you dumb bitch fly boi dave the shoes did not even come out yet you fagget yo shit is fake, you dumb bitch ” i love these snkarees ” what the fuck get a life man you fuckin fagget p.s. you really thought you had the real nike yezzy shoes, man i feel sorry for ya mama

814 名前:XofbQf0S48Kv 2017/03/17 17:55 ID:owdHKozN Keqv5KpmGfm
Shamnad,Ya i can figure it out that getting information would have been tough for you because of sensitivty of the issue..but again a small glitch... its lakshmikumaran and &#hS9;rid3aran' and not 'sagar'... i heard this matter is posted for August sometime...


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